Tuesday, 11 August 2015

One fine day

Did this shoot with Katelyn couple of weeks ago under the scorching hot weather in Singapore. 
Sometimes I am really wondering, how do people still able to pose and still look like as if the weather is perfectly fine and nice hair while the weather is in fact too hard to bear? Cos for me, it is always pretty obvious. my face will always turn red just after 5 mins standing outside. 

Being an owner of an online store myself, I gotta admit that I always keep way too many clothes whenever the new designs arrived at the warehouse. sometimes I can't help but to keep more than 1 colours especially for basics. But even so, there will always some outfits that i will keep wearing and keep repeating throughout the month. Especially when i feel so uninspired on that day and can't be bothered to match my outfit. And this dress is one of them and I love the fact that it hides my flabby arms perfectly, lol. 

Outfit details: 
Vest : Topshop
Dress : Shopmegagamie 
Shoes : custom made, available at IG : Megagamieindonesia 

Mega Ng 
IG : megagamie 
email : megagamees@gmail.com

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