Tuesday, 16 September 2014

AD: L'Oreal smoothing Steambond at Black Hair Salon

I am a very picky person when it comes to hair stylist/ salon. 
I am not comfortable with trying a new salon for any services except wash + blow (I am actually quite picky on this too). I believe that hair plays a really huge part in our appearance. This is also one of the reason why I will only be visiting the same salon and hair stylist for years. 

When I was first introduced to Black hair Salon, I was a bit reluctant, not because I think they are not a good salon, but more to my pickiness. Besides, I also found it a bit hard to match my schedule with theirs so I never had a chance to pay them a visit at that time. But after seeing some reviews about Black hair Salon, I decided to give it a try and boy, it is really beyond my expectation! 

Black hair salon is located at The Bencoolen which is just 1 block away from Lasalle; where i used to study, and I didn't know of this hidden gem at all until the past 2 months or so when i first heard about them. The stylists there are very talented with 16+ years of experience. Besides, they are all very friendly too, yes, each one of them. I initially thought that it is gonna be an awkward or serious situation where i just sit there and wait till my hair is done, but surprisingly we all get along quite well even on my first visit, and I am thankful for them for making my smoothing experience (which took me almost 5 hours) a fun and great one. 

Today is my first hair appointment with them, and I decided to try the L'oreal smoothing steambond. I have been doing smoothing for years, yes yearsssss, thank you to the genius who invent this. I have a naturally wavy hair (i think not much of you know this because I will never go out of my house without ironing it a little bit). And it is really time consuming if I have to iron them layer by layer and my arms often get really sore. I will wake up 2 or 2.5 hours prior to my appointment if I need to wash and style my hair, which is very troublesome and I really hate it, so I will get my hair smoothen once in every 6-7 months. 

My hair stylist, Raymond, examined my hair first and he was very detailed. He told me almost everything about my hair problem, and how he is gonna fix it. Which is impressive in my opinion because at least I know what they are going to do with my hair. 

The steambond itself took me nearly 5 hours. It is because my hair is quite thick, so it may take longer and they need to do it layer by layer to ensure it covers all of my hair. But trust me, it is really worth the wait. 

It doesn't damage my hair and I love how shiny and healthy my hair looks now. and the steambond smeels sooo good too, which is definitely a plus point. haha! 

And as you can see, the result is very natural too. And oh, Raymond also trimmed a little bit of my hair. I love love love the result and I will definitely recommend it to everyone out there! 

If you are interested to get your hair done (especially steambond), I have a good news to share! they are currently having a promotion for steambond, 
with price ranging from $185 - $225 (UP $280) valid until 30 Sept. 
So hurry up, call them up and make your appointment now before the promotion end!

And for my blog readers, there is 10% discount for all services if you quote my name! :) 

Call them up now to make an appointment. 
Ps: They will be closed on 1st week of October for renovation, so do make sure you make your reservation before then :)

Black Hair Salon
The Bencoolen, 180 Bencoolen Street 
#01-28, Singapore 189646
Tel: +65 62423945 / +65 68359976

I can't wait to be back there next month for my hair treatment, will share more on that too :)

Till the next! :)


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