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Be bold!

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I always admire people who are able to pull off bold colours and prints well. It is definitely something i need to learn more about, especially now that prints and bold colours are in trend. I have always loved to experiment with prints and colours too during my time at Lasalle. 
I understand every single one of us has our own preferred style. Be it classy, clean, elegant, vintage, or bold, etc. 

I personally will dress up based on my mood. sometimes I feel like going for something clean and classy, but sometimes I also love to play with colours or prints. 
I also understand that it requires a bit more confidence in wearing bold colours and prints, as we all might feel insecure or afraid of what people would judge us. but heck care! Why would you dress up based on what people would think about you? 

"Girls, embrace your flaws. 
You're beautiful in your way."

Mae Claire Dogillo

Today in this blogpost, I would like to share a few tips on how you can wear bold colours or prints, based on my own experience : 

1. First thing first, be confident! 
Anything that you wear, even those simple pieces will be able to pull off any kind of look and yet look effortlessly beautiful as long as you are confident. 

2. Choose the right colours and prints
You have to make sure to choose the colour that complement your skin tone the most. It will make the rest of your styling task easier. For instance, yellow colour will brighten up the whole look of someone who has a darker skin tone. 

You can also match a bold colour top with a printed bottom, or the other way round (if you want to go all out with colours) ; or you can pair the printed top/ bottoms with a classic ; safe / neutral colour pieces. 

Another important thing is, some prints have the tendency to make people older than their actual age. So be smart when you are purchasing a printed apparel. Make sure you try them on so that you have a rough idea on how it's gonna look like. 

Some of the prints could have a widening effect, for instance horizontal stripes (pictures below). You can counteract it by wearing a solid colour/ neutral colours piece to match it, as well as choosing a nude colour shoes/heels (whichever colour closer to your natural skin tone) to bring out the longer legs effects. 

If your body type is pear shape (smaller upper body), you can wear printed tops and pair it with a solid bottom, 
But if you are big-busted (bigger upper body size ), you should do the other way round. 

Top and bottom : Megagamie
Shoes : Charles and keith
Bag : YSL

Some pictures as inspiration, 
Images sources : Google

Top: Megagamie
Bottom : H&M

3. Do not over accessorized
If you are wearing something bold, especially prints, make sure you do not over accessorized your whole outfit. you can keep it simple by just carrying a solid colour clutch bag that matches your outfits, or a simple necklace if you are wearing a solid top with printed bottom. 
you do not wish to look like a walking accessories after all, right? 
Alternatively, you can also pair it with a solid colour outerwear if you are wearing prints, or a printed outerwear if you are wearing all-solid-colours outfit, to bring a pop of colours and the whole look will look much more interesting. 

4. Put on a smile 

"Because happy girl is the prettiest girl" 

To conclude this blogpost , 
do not be afraid to be different. Do not stop learning and experimenting. and most importantly, do not let anyone tell you what you can and can't do. 
Be yourself; embrace your flaws, and be confident! 
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These are some of the tips that I can think of at the moment. 
Will come back to this post and add more if I have more tips to share in near future. 

Thank you for reading my blog and till the next! 


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