Thursday, 21 August 2014

Vintage drawstring skirt

It was a hard decision for me to choose one of 4 colours available for this skirt. as all colours are so "ME" and i personally will wear all 4 colours. I am thinking of keeping another colour for now. It is such a fuss free piece to have and i love how comfortable it is. 

These past few days haven't been a good one for me. I got rashes and hives at some part of my face due to the allergic reaction. I was crying so hard as that was my first time seeing my skin in such bad condition and i was too upset and afraid that it would leave some scars on my face. 
Thankfully it is getting slightly better now but not fully recovered yet. I have been planning my outfit shoots and ootd post since last week and now i have to cancel and reschedule everything. 

Top : Zara
Skirt : Megagamie
Shoes : Zara

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