Monday, 28 July 2014

Pleated midi dress + Neon Floral blazer

I am still wide awake at this ungodly hour! :( 
Haven't been able to sleep well for the past 3 weeks and my dark eye circle is seriously getting even more scarier now. Always feel like 24 hours is never enough for me. 
I wake up everyday telling myself I am going to sleep early tonight because i freaking hate wake up feeling tired. but it never happened. Oh, wells. 

Anyway, this blogpost will be featuring my current favourite dress. I am not saying this because I am trying to sell it to you but i do really love it. I have been wearing it quite often since the day I kept it for myself. For me, this dress is a staple, I wore it to a meeting and the next time i wore it was just for a casual occasion, 
I also love the pleated details, and the fact that the light weight cooling fabric which makes me feel comfortable all day long. 

This piece has been selling really well on our racks too! :)

Dress: Shopmegagamie (upcoming)
Blazer: LL
Bag: YSL 
Shoes : Jeffrey campbell

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