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Philips Dailytouch garment steamer!

Hi guys, 
I would like to share my newly found favourite steamer from Phillips with all of you today. I have been scouting for a new steamer for a while now so I couldn’t believe my luck when I received an email from Phillips, inviting me to review their new product, DailyTouch garment steamer GC504. Yayness!

DISCLAIMER : This steamer is kindly sponsored by Phillips, however, I will give my honest review about this product based on my own experience.

I have never been good at using the conventional clothes iron my whole life, therefore, I have been using steamer for so many years. It is generally much more convenient and easier to use. All I need to do is to fill in the water, leave it at one corner for a few seconds after switching it on until it heats up; then, I can use it to steam/ iron my clothes right away.

It is a big no no for me to go out with a crumpled clothes. Have you all ever heard of the quote “the way you dress shows your personality”? I do not wish to be perceived as messy or lazy! Moreover, it only takes me less than 5 minutes from switching the steamer on to get to the final result anyway.

Phillips’ DailyTouch garment steamer GC504 comes with an XL steam plate which helps you to achieve the result you want quicker than an average steamer. You can also reach those hidden part such as underneath the pleats of your clothes very easily with this steam plate.

This is the water tank (pink color) and it is detachable. So whenever you want to iron your clothes, make sure you have filled in enough water in it. Each tank can last approximately 30 minutes of non-stop steam which means you can iron quite a lot of clothes in 1 tank.

This steamer also comes with an attached garment hangers which comes in 2 different types. This is definitely a PLUS point considered to many other products out there.

None of the steamers that I own previously have this. It is much more convenient and time-saving to have a multi-purposed hanger attached to the steamer. Thanks to Phillips for being so considerate towards their customers!

The upper hanger is for you to hang your dresses or tops, while the bottom one is for you to clip on your skirts, shorts, tube top, tube dress or pants.
Did I mention that the clips are adjustable too?

You can always adjust the clips’ position based on the size of your clothes. Beside the clips, the standing pole is also adjustable. You can adjust the height, and you can turn it around 360degrees, so once you have done ironing the front part of your clothes, you do not need to turn the whole steamer around to iron the back side, all you need to do is just turn the pole and there you go, you can start to iron the back side immediately!

Another thing I’ve noticed is this steamer takes very little time to heat up, which is awesome. My previous steamers generally take up to 2 minutes to heat up, while this one takes less than 60 seconds.

Scroll down for more pictures! J

The pictures above show how I used the hangers to hang my clothes
(both clothes are before ironing)

Some of our clothes are made of thin and delicate fabric, which could be tricky to iron. They are made of silk, chiffon, or intricate embroidery as well as embellishments, which is quite risky if you use an iron because you can burn them very easily. This is also one of the reasons why I choose steamer over the normal iron.

A good example of such garment is the flare dress. You can only show the “flowiness” if it is ironed using a steamer. Using a conventional iron will flatten the flare or the pleats which are the main focus of this dress - definitely not a good idea.

Check out the pictures below for comparison

You can clearly see that this dress is crumpled, and it does not look as pretty as it is supposed to be. You can not see the flare.

Look at the impact on the dress after steaming! It looks so much better and prettier, accentuating the silkiness and enhancing the perfect combination of the flare and embroidery.

Left : Before ; Right : After.

Can you see the difference?
Oh, Wait! I have a better example.

Upper: before steaming,
Below: after steaming.

Can you see how flat the dress is originally pre-steamed and there is nothing you can do with a conventional flat iron to fix it.

On the contrary, if you use a quality steamer -such as the one I am using-, you can now see the “flowiness” of the dress.

Can you imagine yourself wearing the crumpled dress on a day out? No matter how pretty the dress it, it still won’t look as good as after you’ve steamed it.

Another great accessories that comes with the product is a safety glove, which none of the steamers I previously owned provide.

As I am right-handed, I will hold the steamer head with my right hand and I will wear the glove on my left hand and hold my clothes while steaming it. This safety glove keeps your hand safe and protected from the hot steam, so make sure you do put it on while steaming your clothes.

I managed to steam all of the clothes shown above and only used up ¾ of the water in the water tank.

In my opinion, this steamer is really great. I find it to be the most complete steamer I’ve ever used and it makes the entire process fuss-free.

So far I haven’t found any major flaw yet and I would definitely recommend it to all of you to get!

The good news is… It will be launched tomorrow, 1st July 2014!

Wait, I can read your mind, you want to give it a try?

Don’t worry! Philips is giving away not only 1 but TWO DailyTouch steamers. Simply follow the steps below to stand a chance to win!

-Post your OOTD on Instagram in Megagamie's outfits 
(please make sure your account is not private)
-Follow  & Tag @megagamie and @philipssg (Remember, follow and tag) 
-Do hashtag #mggxphilipssggiveaway (mgg x philipssg giveaway) and #mggotd

TWO winners will be randomly picked by next next week (14th  july 2014) and I will announce it on my instagram account (Megagamie). The winners will be able to collect the prize at The Phillips Experience Showroom in Toa Payoh.

Moreover, with any purchase from between 1st July to 31st July, each buyer will receive a Phillips voucher to purchase this magnificent product at a massively discounted price of SGD 99 (UP: SGD 189) at The Phillips Experience Showroom valid for redemption from 1st July – 29th August (Limited to 1 voucher per receipt)

Good luck babes! I am sure you are going to love this product! J

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