Friday, 20 June 2014

Colour blocking

When i was looking around for a background for my ootd shoot, i found this plain yet dull and dirty wall. and since i was wearing something colourful and cheerful at that moment, i decided to use it as my background, to remind myself that even in hard times, there will always a little hope for us. And I am trying to paint a little bit of cheerful colour on the sad wall. 

Have been thinking of chop my hair short for quite a while but i was still undecided. 
Beside of the unbearable hot and humid weather, the end of my hair was also very dry.
So when my sister told me that she also gonna chop her hair short, i thought okay let's do it. 
And here I am with a short hair. (well, maybe not that short, just shorter than before) 
But I am secretly loving it though because it dries faster when i blow dry it and doesn't require too much time to style it. 

Top : Megagamie
Skirt : Miss selfridge
Shoes : Aldo
Bag : Celine

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