Tuesday, 20 August 2013

OOTD + Lookbook!

Hey ladies, 

       If you have been following us on twitter/fb/instagram, you might be aware that we have updated our lookbook! 

So i will be reviewing and give more of my own opinion on some of the items that I kept! :) 

When i first saw this floral bustier dress when the stocks arrived,  I honestly do not have any deep or special impressions towards it beside the pretty prints; until i try it on and I am totally in love with how it makes my waist look smaller and the whole feel this piece brings when i wear it on. I am not a girly person, and yet I like how this piece makes me feel a bit girly, heh :) 
a great material (material quite thick) and cutting. I must say that I am pretty satisfied with this piece! 

A great not- so- basic- after all top to have.
why not so basic? 
Because of the intricate details at the front area, as well as the key hole details at the back. 
I need some neutral colour top to match with some of my bottoms which are mostly come in prints, so i keep white. 

Too bad, i didn't manage to take my otd when i was wearing this top, cause i wasn't able to sleep during the midnight flight, which ended up made me look like a zombie. :'(

The only pic i have with my lovely family while wearing the top. Even the goofy-alike also looked sleepy. -__-

If you bought one of the best sellers Gich Zippy playsuit before, you will most likely love this piece too. If you do not like the zipper details at the waist area of the Gich Zippy playsuit, not to worry. this piece do not feature any zipper at the waist area, but pretty jewels at the neckline area to help you save the hassle. no accessories needed when wearing this piece! The jewels and playsuit itself are pretty enough to make you stand out from the crowd :)

Keep white colour for this piece since i have it in black for Gich zippy playsuit :)

If you follow my instagram, you will know how much i love this piece! so no further explanations needed for this piece i guess! get it and you will loveeeee it! 

I have been a big fan of playsuit lately. the reason why is because i need something that looks presentable, yet do not require too much time for me to style. Or i'll put it this way, I need something that i can just "grab and go". And I am glad that we are having more dresses and playsuits coming up. And I feel smart that I brought mostly dresses and playsuits during my recent trip, when I had to wake up to the deadly 6am morning calls every morning, heh :) #patmyself 

Material is not as thick as the gich zippy or the jewels jumpsuit. this material is more to cooling, relax and soft material. 


And my fav skirt for the time being heh :) love the combination of the prints and mesh! 

So have you had a rough idea on what item you wanna get from megagamie's upcoming launch? :) 

More previews to come! :)



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