Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I am back with another post. been spending the past 2 weeks in Singapore, busy with photoshoots, moving house and furniture shopping and whenever i reached home at night, i felt like BANG!!! I have been hit by a train, very very exhausted. 

Moving house is a real pain in the ass. starting from packing your stuffs which you thought "oh, i don't think i have much stuffs, it shouldn't be a big problem for me to pack them all, i can just throw everything into the box" until you realised you actually have TOO MUCH things to pack, as well as stuffs that you don't know whether you should keep or throw away. Hold on, and your pain didn't end there! you still need to clean up your new place and unpack the boxes one by one, and organise them.  I was literally vomiting blood. But looking at the positive side, at least we managed to throw away the unwanted stuffs, have more space in the wardrobe which means I can keep more clothes! teehee! 

Anyway, Lulu came all the way from Indo to Singapore for a 2 days photoshoot session and we are really glad with the result :)

here are some of the pics that i managed to take during the photoshoot. the weather was too hot to handle, so i only took pics for the first few outfits. 

I have no idea what she was doing here. hahaha. oh! i did their make up for those 2 days shoot, i am not a professional nor well trained make up artist, i just learn by watching a lot a lot of tutorials, but it was kind of last minute and we couldn't find a make up artist for those 2 days so please do not judge. :) 

and some of the pics taken from the photographer that you might have seen on our website 

Disclaimer : It may contain some sneak previews! :D

In case you're wondering, the skirt is an upcoming piece. comes in 2 pretty prints and 2 solid colour. it is very pretty, I keep 2 pieces for this skirt and they are now sitting sweetly in my luggage and ready to be brought for my upcoming trip. 

Aren't they lovely? :D 

Here it is. one of my current favourite dress at the moment! loving the colour combinations and the cooling material. Saw some of the girls posted their outfit of the day in this dress and they all look really gorgeous! so glad that they love this dress as much as I do because i personally think that this dress deserves love from every girl! haha! 

and oh! don't forget to hashtag #megagamie if you are wearing outfit from megagamie, to stand a chance to be featured and win a free outfit from us! :) 

Camille hole geometric dress in cobalt blue from megagamie which is now available for grab :) Lovin Lulu's expression here :) 

Next up is the Annabelle bustier top which is also available for grab! I love the intricate embroidery details as well as the colour combination of the threads. :) Available in black, white and tangerine. definitely worth the $$. 

The skirt paired with this bustier in black was actually the skirt that my sis ordered-to-made for her own photoshoot but she loves it so much so she decided to pair it with this bustier for megagamie's shoot and i love how it turns out. 

We also get quite a few of enquiries from customers and friends whether this skirt is an upcoming piece, so we were thinking of doing something like this for Megagamie but of course less puffy to make it wearable. any ideas/ suggestions on how you would prefer it to be like? :) email me! 

And for this particular picture, Lulu requested to the photographer to do some ballerina look alike pose, so she just jump and the photographer snap this lovely pic of her! can't get enough of this picture and we have been posting this particular picture literally everywhere! instagram, website, facebook and now on my blog! haha 

And more and more of sneak previews :)

I gotta admit that i have not been blogging that often. but once i have started to fill this space, i can keep going on and on and i feel like sharing everything at once, which is not good. haha. so i think i shall stop now and save the other pictures for next entry instead! 
(so i've got an excuse for you to visit and read my blog again too! :P )

Alrighty! will end this post with some food and outfit of the day pictures! 
We visited Open Door Policy at tiong bahru area for lunch after our photoshoot because we were having our shoot nearby. the foods are pretty good but their service is definitely awful and don't think i will go back there again and I am sorry to say that the service they provided didn't worth the $$ we paid for at all. 

My outfit post, in megagamie Annabelle embroidery bralet in white and oh! so pleaty skirt in chiffon in Lilac. 

Till the next entry, which will happen real soon, i promise! haha :) 



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