Monday, 8 July 2013

Highlight of the day

Hello guys!

I am back with another blog post. If you follow my instagram, you might aware that my sister;  Vera and her bf visited Melbourne to get their pre-wedding photoshoot done! feeling excited and happy to be able to witness their journey and the process of the photoshoot. Will share them when i am allowed to! :) 

I posted the sneak preview + Behind the scene photos part 1 before this, and sadly I am not able to post the behind the scene part 2 as I  reset my camera before i sell it away and only to realise that i haven't copied the pictures to my harddisk so basically all the pictures are gone! BOOM! but I will still upload some sneak previews gradually, don't worry! heh :) 

Visited South melbourne market for their Fresh oysters and of course Padre Coffee! Since Vera's bf had a huge craving for fresh oysters as well as a huge coffee addict, South melbourne market is definitely the right place for us to go. According to H, Padre offers one of the best coffee in Melbourne, and true enough, I got hooked too! A must try if you happen to visit Melbourne. :)

They have 3 branches (as far as I know) in Melbourne : Brunswick, South melbourne market, and Victoria market. 
Tried both Victoria market and South melbourne market, and we all agree that it tastes way better at their South melbourne market branch compare to Victoria market branch.

Both H and i had a really great times during their visit. we tried many different stuffs that we never thought of we will ever do, for instance ; Fishing. 

Apparently Vera's bf used to fish a lot during his time in Sydney few years back, and he used to catch some big fishes too whenever he went fishing. So he wanted to try his luck in Melbourne and we visited St Kilda beach in the middle of the night for two consecutive nights, but only to go back home empty handed. haha! 

And after visited South melbourne market, we visited a park nearby as the boys still want to push their luck harder! 

It was such a perfect weather for a walk though! 


And while waiting for the boys, this ladyboss was busy catching fish from her HAYDAY game too! 
I am not kidding! 

And since the boys finished early, we decided to go CHINCHIN for dinner. 
CHINCHIN is always madly crowded and if you wish to secure a seat, you have to walk in before 5pm, and no, they don't take reservation. And sometimes you have to wait for 1.5 - 2 hours for a table, even if you walk in by 5pm. Sigh! 

Chinchin offers kind of fusion food or I should say their menus are pretty much offering some westernised Thai foods. We got our table at 6pm plus despite walked in at 5pm. The foods are pretty nice, as this was my second visit to Chinchin but i don't think it worths the waiting time. oh well, let's put it this way, the food is not WOW enough for you to wait for hours. Didn't take pictures of the foods because we have to literally wait for quite a long time in between each food we ordered. so whenever the food come we will just snatch it haha! Even the brown rice that I ordered only came after all the dishes are finished by us. :( 

Followed by some desserts at Brunetti after dinner heh :)

As promised! Lined up just some of my favorite upcoming pieces as previews! 

Have done a few bralets previously, and by far, this one has the best cuts! glad that we decided to go ahead with this design. Availble in 3 colours :)

Next :  A fuss free and super comfy dress that sold out pretty fast ever since we stocked them in at Kissjane! 

And a super pretty skirts that all of us keep a piece! Can't wait to wear mine because Cath has already worn hers! 

Cath in the upcoming bralet + skirt. 

Last but not least, A dress that took my breathe away the moment I got it on my hand! A friend of mine ordered this for her bridesmaids too!

it comes with the mesh details on both sides, Vera prefers to snap it away, while I prefer to keep it as they way it is :) so you can decide how you would like it to be too, with or without mesh :)

And if you realise, Megagamie's photoshoot are taken mostly in a cafe. And there are a lot of pretty pieces arriving this month and need to be arranged for some photoshoot sessions soon! 

If you happen to know any nice cafe in Singapore that you can recommend for us to have a photoshoot over there, kindly email me at :)

your input will be greatly appreciated ! <3

Hope you love them as much as I do :) 

Till the next post! 



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