Friday, 24 May 2013

Behind the scene + sneak preview Part 1


Just had a photo shoot with the team two days ago and I got the pics on my hand today!
Kudos to the photographer for the efficient and awesome job! Am so pleased with how the photos turn out, they are very very pretty! Can't wait to share it with you guys :) 

We usually wake up at 4AM when we are having photo shoot, get prepared, and take a 3 hours journey to the photo shoot location, and the first thing we always do once we reach is to drop by the MUA place first :)

Lulu was about to get her make up done when we reached the MUA place. 

The photo shoot itself was done in a cafe, this cafe named Lekker urban food house, located in Medan, Indonesia. 
They offer a pretty wide range of food types, from Indonesian food to western food. 
One of their most famous dish is their pizza, which we didn't order cos I am not allowed to have bread, rice, or noodle for a certain period of time due to the sickness I am having now. 
But i will definitely going back and give it a try once i have fully recovered :) 

The funny and pretty Cath with Maggie, the photographer

And some of many foods that we ordered on that day; 
Gado Gado Padang (padang style Gado Gado, an Indonesian style salad with peanut sauce and crackers) 

Nasi goreng balado ( Balado fried rice, Very spicy but super yumm!!)

A very very very refreshing drink that I ordered, Combination of lime, aloe vera, strawberry and jelly! 
 The sweetness and sourness combination is very refreshing! just perfect for the humid weather. :)

and next, let's move on to the sneak preview of the upcoming items that are going to be launched this Monday, yes, you get to see it first here :)

First up is the romper that has been selling really fast at Kissjane, and I received a lot of enquiries from customers the moment i posted up my OTD, wearing this romper on my instagram. 

Featuring a unique waist details, where you can choose to zip up or unzip the zipper depends on your preference, comes in 3 colours; black, yellow and navy blue :) 

Next up is the Porcelain pompom dress with a gorgeous fits and prints! comes in 3 colours / prints ; S,M,L, so so so pretty that i feel like keeping all colours :/ Even Cath kept 2 colours for this dress! 

As checkered and florals are so in trend this spring/summer, we decided to bring both prints in 1 design; an effortlessly elegant and gorgeous top that each of us keep more than one piece! this is getting really excitingggg! :)))

And both Lulu and Cath looked very very very gorgeous in it! 

Last but not least, the basic cut in top that goes well with any kind of bottom, yes, any kind. so basically it is very easy to match, perfect for work or school :) Available in White, yellow, cobalt blue, and black ; S,M, L 

Aren't these pieces too gorgeous to be missed? teehee, We are very excited to launch them, so don't forget to show your supports and catch our launch this coming Monday alright! :) (exact time to be confirmed) 

Will be coming back with another post for more sneak previews soon! :) 

Happy Vesak day to those who celebrate and enjoy your weekend! 



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