Saturday, 13 April 2013

So happy that I finally got my camera today, which means it's time to blog more often! 
Managed to take some Outfit shoots before watching Oblivion, the new movie by Tom Cruise today and the movie was pretty good and creative in my opinion :) 

Wearing the upcoming top/blazer from Megagamie, with the polly floral pants from previous collections. The reason why i put it as "Top/Blazer" is because i found this piece is actually pretty nice to be worn as a top, well at least for me. I just paired it with corinne basic crop top in lime from megagamie previous collections, buttoned the blazer up and I am ready to go. The material is not too thick which is perfect for the tropical weather, and beside the material used, what i like the most from this piece is the elastic band at the waist area which gives me small waist illusion and i really really love it! I'm so glad that we bring in this piece! 



"Sharing is Caring"
 so I would like to share with you girls my new purchase which are surprisingly good! Honestly i do not wear lipstick that often, and i think it is safe to say that i wear lipstick only twice or thrice in a year? but when I read online about the reviews for this product, I knew that i have to give it a try and I bought 12 pcs at one go since I couldn't decided on which colour that i should get, which was insane cause I do not wear lipstick, how am I going to finish 'em? But I am gonna keep them all because really like the creamy yet not sticky texture and I think this one is great if you are looking for an affordable lipstick :) 

And the good news is, I decided to get more and give them away for Megagamie's customers to try! so for those who are interested to try this, stay tune! we will update you girls on this as soon as possible. 


The humidity level over here can be really low for most of the time and I have been hunting for some skin care as well as hair care products that could help me to protect my skin and hair, and I think i have found them! I am gonna blog about them next, so till the next post! :)



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