Friday, 26 April 2013


It's been a week since my last blog post! I've been so demotivated in doing anything as my muscle has been aching for almost 4 weeks, which caused me couldn't walk or even just bend my legs, and apparently this is not normal, according to one of my friend who is a doctor. I also injured my shoulder back in Singapore 2 months ago and it is not healing yet until now, and honestly it had caused a great inconvenience to me cos I couldn't stand longer than 30 minutes cos of this injury. I feel like a grandmom now. -___-

but anyway, Christian Dior is having some show case or exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) so I visited the NGV yesterday even though I have to walk real slowly. The exhibition turned out not as expected, because there only 5 pcs of garment in total in that room (2 from Christian Dior. 3 from Yamamoto). I was expecting it would be something like the Valentino exhibition i visited back in Singapore (RWS) which made my jaw dropped, literally. 

Was greeted by this super pretty reindeer at the entrance.

One of the images that I've seen the most during my time in Lasalle. 
The famous "New look" by Christian Dior
"Featuring rounded shoulders, a cinched waist, and very full skirt, the New Look celebrated ultra-femininity and opulence in women's fashion"

Both garments above are by Christian Dior, while the 3 garments below are by Yamamoto 

Apparently the coat at the very right hand side was made of cotton, rubber and plastic (Wow) 

Since there's no more stuffs for us to see, we decided to move on to the other room, where we could see so many interesting stuffs.

I have no idea why they put that cone at the (sorry) crotch area?
 I never knew that Ballet costume can be so interesting. oh well.

 Next, move on to another room.

This picture below is the one that amazed me the most. at the first glance i thought it was a sketch of a mountain, but it was a mountain of buildings, streets, etc. Wondering how much time the artist took to get this masterpiece done. I'm still very amazed. 

 And the super weird and awfully ugly image of me, that the bf insisted want to take. 
wearing the Awesome in no lapel blazer in white from Megagamie, which was launched last night! 

 Remember when i mentioned i am going to do a review about the skincare product that i am recently using? Well, this is one of them. This is actually my second tube. Initially, i bought this because i was stopped by their sales assistant while i was shopping alone in a mall. So she went, "hi, how are you today?" and i thought it would be very rude of me if i just ignore her, so I told her I am good, etc etc, and she introduced this to me. I wasn't really interested to buy, but I thought, oh well, she has spent so much time to explain this product to me, and this is something organic, and I don't have any exfoliating skincare product yet at that moment, so I decided to give it a try. 

At first, the salesgirl put it on the back of my hand, and I was quite happy with the result. 

The colour is a bit orange-ish, and the gel texture is very smooth, you just need to apply a very thin layer of this gel all over your face, and start to massage it with circular motion. It will remove all your dead skin and dirt, and leave your skin smooth, fairer and clean. The salesgirl suggest me to use this once a week, but i usually use this once every 5 days 

After all,  I am so glad that i bought this. sometimes i am afraid that some dirt or make up will still stay on my skin eventhough i have removed them with my cleanser, so I feel good whenever i apply this and i notice the deadskin and dirt have been removed from my face.

Taken from their website: 

"Honey Facial Peel Organi Honey Facial Peel is a totally un-abrasive exfoliation formula using Honey Enzeme extract to exfoliate and cleanse skin without scratching. Even the most sensitive skin will benefit by up to 97% exfoliation of dead skin and impurities, without damaging the skin matrix. Also helps in the treatment of acne, skin pigmentation and blemishes."

"Manuka Honey- Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties have been found to be helpful in healing skin prone to acne. Further, its moisturizing properties prevent the skin from drying out, and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the redness associated with acne infections. Manuka honey is also known for its vitamins and antioxidant properties, which may help with the prevention and reduction of skin wrinkles."

If you girls are interested in getting this product in Singapore, I saw it at Marina Square few months ago, near Zara. Alternatively, you can purchase it online :) 

If you have followed my instagram (Megagamie), you might still remember i posted an OTD with florals, sunlight background and i put on the #nofilter hashtag. Well, basically I love the weather that day, and i was just randomly passed by that alley, and i saw the flowers so I decided to take my Otd there, eventhough the dogs behind the wooden fence won't stop barking cos i think they could sense some strangers standing next to them for a good 30 minutes or so, or it could be another reason? I don't know :( but i love the weather and the results nonetheless :) 

Jinjja yeppuda, isn't it? hee

Dress is from Megagamie, you can get it here if you haven't gotten a piece yet! :) 

Now, it's time for me to get preapare and watch Iron man 3 later at night, praying that my legs won't get worse and I can be fully recovered on the next blogpost! :) 

Enjoy your weekend guys! 



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