Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sydney+ OTDs

Went to Sydney few weeks ago with my family, that was my 3rd times visiting Sydney but I still love being there, and I can't wait for my Gold coast trip next month! 
Heard that the weather at Gold coast is much better than Melbourne ( known for its bad weather + great coffee) 

Some of the pics from our Sydney trip that I got from H's camera. 

Took picture at The Golden mouth tree, Haymarket, Sydney.
It is actually an Iconic Sculpture with 10 metre plus of height, and is made of 23 carat gold leaf and terracotta tile.

Night view of Harbour Bridge and Opera House

               Really love this pic which H took for my dad while he was trying to feed the birds at Bondi Beach, awesome weather + surrounded by people that I love the most, what else that I could ask for? :)

Okay, move on to OTD plus some preview of unreleased items. 
H helped me took this pic when I accompany him to service his car yesterday.
Wearing Denim Midi dress from Megagamie, you can leave the sleeves that way, or you can fold it and button it up. Quite versatile in my opinion because you can wear it as an outerwear as well. 

Paired it with a black leather obi belt and cropped basic tank top in white from Megagamie

or you also can wear it as an outerwear

Upcoming cropped basic top in white + Black leather obi belt + Oh!I'm pleaty skirt
The cropped top itself can be worn as an inner piece, or you can pair it with a highwaisted bottom or you can even pair it with a normal bottom and show your sexy flat tummy. *winkwink*  

Next one will be a shirt, with a lace details. 
I love the cooling material, and the lace details somehow bring a glamorous and elegant touch.
Paired it with Bonitas skirt in black from Megagamie. 

I'm still waiting for a huge parcel of Megagamie's new designs that my sister just shipped over last Friday. Can't wait to receive it so that I can review more and update this space more often with upcoming pieces! :) 

Hopefully It won't be too long so I can update this space real soon! 

and for those who would love to know what other upcoming items are lined up for you, 
 feel free to follow our Instagram at the following accounts:


We will update our OTDs with some unreleased pieces over there too! :) 

Have a great week ahead everyone and till the next entry! 



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