Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Spring is finally here!

I'm really excited, really happy that those freezing cold days are finally over, Welcome Spring! You have been much awaited. Despite of the strong winds, it's still much warmer compare to 2 weeks ago. And the only thing that really excites me about Spring is that I could wear all my clothes in my wardrobe which are mostly very summer-ish, and I do not need to cover them with the long, thick coat.

Since Spring is here, I plan out what I'm gonna wear for the next few days and not to mention, took the pictures and  I'm gonna share with all of you in a while! 
Maybe I'm just too eager to wear them out. :x

Electric pop blouse in Lime from Megagamie
I absolutely love the contrast colour combination, which made a basic shirt more interesting, rather than a boring basic shirt. 

Bandage skirt (Megagamie label, unreleased)

Sequins cuff Wrap dress from Megagamie (unreleased)
It comes with gold colour skinny belt but my silly sister brought the wrong belt for me, but nevermind. I still love her nonetheless and thankful for her :) 

Supernova Lace Shoulder dress from Megagamie

White blazer from Megagamie (unreleased) 
and this is definitely one of my favourite blazer at the moment. 

Crop basic tank in Neon green from Megagamie (unreleased) 
I love the material, the cutting, everything! It is a good basic to keep, can be worn as an inner  top, or wear it with a highwaisted bottom such as pants or maxi skirt and you are ready to go!

The blue pants is my worn to death Villain skinnies from Megagamie 

Printed dress from Megagamie (unreleased)
Gosh! I really love everything about this dress! 
Thank God Spring is here and I get the chance to wear it out real soon! 

I have yet to wear all the clothes that my sister brought for me few weeks ago when she visited me, but she is gonna ship another batch of new freshly arrived designs for me this week! How awesome is that! and if you read this now, I love you okay! <3

Even if I have to think real hard and figure out how to squeeze all of them into my relatively small wardrobe, oh yes women can never have enough clothes, no matter how big your wardrobe is, it is just never big enough.

And oh, maybe some of you already knew it from my twitter, but i decided to set up a new formspring account, 
because I forgot my old account's password 

But please send all your orders enquiries or stock availability enquiries to instead of to my formspring alright! :)

Till next entry and hope you all have a great midweek! :)




Anonymous said...

Hi Mega! How many and what colours are there for the blazer? :) and what is the smallest size?? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi babe! When would the launch for the bandage skirt be? Any other designs/ colours? How about sizes? :)

Thanks! :)

Mega Ng said...

Hello there! The blazer is available in S,M, L, comes in soft hues such as white, lilac and sky blue :) also available in basic colour such as black :)

as for the skirt, it is available in green and brick colour, both prints are exclusively printed by factory for Megagamie so you will not find the same print else where :) and available in S & M, material is pretty stretchy and fully lined :)

Anonymous said...

im curious how do you run the blogshop with your sis when you are in aussie? isnt it hard to keep travelling around btwn indo and sg as well?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mega!!!

I tried asking you a question on formspring but it did not get through i think... Anw, the sequin cuff wrapped dress is LOVE! May i know what colours r there and is it launching soon???

And the aztec print dress, what other colours r there? Thanks for answering my questions! :)