Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tulip Festival

So glad that I manage to squeeze in this entry before I send off my laptop for repair. My macbook needs to get a battery replacement and other services. Been using it for 3years and honestly it's time to change for a new one but I still love my macbook so might just wait for another 1-2 years before I replace it with a new set. 

I visited the Tulip festival few days ago, since the weather was really great. It was sunny with top of 26 degrees celsius, and the next day it dropped to 13 degrees. 
This is Melbourne man, so what's new? Boo....

Was greeted by this little boy with a cute costume, look at his wooden shoes. so cute! 

Dwarfs' houses. so so so cute!! 

you might not be able to see it clearly in this picture, but it was actually a little bridge for the dwarfs to cross to another side, and there are some little dwarfs on the bridge too!

A few small food stalls with limited choices of food. 

Too bad I have no space to plant those beautiful flowers, definitely going back next year!
And here is some of my OTDs :)

Arabic tank + Upcoming white pants from Megagamie

Floral blouse with shoelace details + Holiday maxi skirt
I really like this blouse material, prints as well as the shoe lace details. been wearing it so often lately.
Motel tribal printed dress in blue. I just asked my sister to ship another piece with different prints for me, love this pc to the bits! 
Last but not least, few images as sneak preview that I compiled while editing pictures for our next launch 

Not to forget, we just stocked up our rack at Kissjane with some new designs last Friday, and basically we will always stocked in some new designs every week, so do check them out at Kissjane bugis junction! :)

On the side note, we are also looking for a Venue for our upcoming warehouse sale! :) 
anyone has idea in mind where we can hold a warehouse sale? 
preferably with air-cons and with an affordable rental price! :)

do email me at if you have any in mind :) 
Thank you in advance and till the next entry! 

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