Saturday, 15 September 2012

Battle Scars

You might be wondering why I named this entry "Battle Scars". Super random, I know.
The reason is because of I'm very addicted to this song lately and I just wanna share with all of you :)

Been spending my weekends with H, and we are trying different kind of foods from restaurants that we haven't been there before. Some of them are pretty awesome in my opinion, and we both are very happy cos we finally found out some "new" restaurants for us to visit next time, because usually we will just go to the same restaurant all over again and we are getting very bored. And oh, self-cooking days will resume tomorrow. Realize that it is actually very tiring to prepare a meal of 3-4 dishes all by myself so I try to cook only 3 times in a week. Have no idea how my awesome Mom can prepare all the dishes every single day every single meal without a single complain. <3

Settled at a newly open Mamak Malaysian Restaurant for brunch, they just opened a new branch in Melbourne few days ago and glad that we managed to get a seat since they always have such a ridiculous long queue every day for both Sydney and Melbourne branch. 



Went to the park next to Melbourne University for a walk after that, and managed to take  some OTD pics. Pardon the bad quality of the pictures. 


Everafter lace blouson + Pleated Wrap Tulip skirt + White Blazer



On a side note, We are launching a new collection tomorrow 
(16th Sept, 8pm Singapore time) 
This collection will also be featuring our new gorgeous model, S. 
Just by looking at their pictures, It makes me feel so so happy. 
The pictures reflect how well they get along with each other and they definitely nailed the poses and expressions! 
Love this pic to the bits! 


If only I could be as gorgeous as our models. #forget-it

and I will end this entry with some previews of the items that we are launching tomorrow night! :) 
Say HI to my cutie little pie <3 

Aztec print tube dress that the factory exclusively printed for us, so you won't find it elsewhere :) The material is highly stretchable and fully lined too! 

Basic cropped top that I have been wearing so often lately. 
A very great basic to keep in my opinion, it goes with most of your outfit, be it an inner piece or just as a top itself. 
Made of high quality fabric, and available from XS to L! Isn't it awesome? :) 

Pssst! We will be holding a promotion for our customers who purchase this awesome cropped top too! double awesomeness I would say! 
Stay tuned and we will announce it at our facebook page.
And in case you have yet to like our facebook page, you can do so by click this link below

Next will be the pleated wrap tulip skirt which had been launched previously. 
We received so so so much requests to bring in this skirt again so yea, we hear you!
We also change the cutting a little bit and make it near to perfection, and this batch is much more fantastic compare to the old batch, in my honest opinion! 


And lastly, we will be releasing the Everafter lace blouson extra slots from backorder tomorrow! so for those who didn't manage to get it previously can catch our launch tomorrow night! :) 

See ya girls tomorrow night and enjoy your weekend! <3




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