Saturday, 20 August 2016

Key item in my wardrobe : Blazer

Today, I will be sharing one key item in my wardrobe ; Blazer (or any kind of outerwear, really)

Blazer completes my whole look. Of course, depending of what kind of look I am going for. I pair a blazer with my T-shirt, or my dresses too. A nice cut of blazer can be really tricky to find. But when I find one, I will not hesitate to grab more than one colour.

Outfit details : Top, Pinafore and Blazer from 
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Bag : Furla 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

One fine day

Did this shoot with Katelyn couple of weeks ago under the scorching hot weather in Singapore. 
Sometimes I am really wondering, how do people still able to pose and still look like as if the weather is perfectly fine and nice hair while the weather is in fact too hard to bear? Cos for me, it is always pretty obvious. my face will always turn red just after 5 mins standing outside. 

Being an owner of an online store myself, I gotta admit that I always keep way too many clothes whenever the new designs arrived at the warehouse. sometimes I can't help but to keep more than 1 colours especially for basics. But even so, there will always some outfits that i will keep wearing and keep repeating throughout the month. Especially when i feel so uninspired on that day and can't be bothered to match my outfit. And this dress is one of them and I love the fact that it hides my flabby arms perfectly, lol. 

Outfit details: 
Vest : Topshop
Dress : Shopmegagamie 
Shoes : custom made, available at IG : Megagamieindonesia 

Mega Ng 
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Monday, 3 August 2015

I dreamed a dream

Loving this series of photos taken by Katelyn. 

Top : Megagamie
skirt : Megagamie
shoes: Asos

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Stripes midi dress

This is my most favorite dress by far. Not saying this just to advertise it but I really do. 
I feel good in this dress, it somehow boosts up my confident because to be honest when i took these pictures, it was really really hot and I feel as if i am melting. 

In such situation I normally would not have the mood to pose. but strange enough i feel good and I am able to express my love towards this dress by trying many different poses and angles. 
I am pretty sure you will love them too. It's made of expensive fabric, fully lined and what's not to love about this dress especially the well-placed lines? 

Dress: shopmegagamieShoes: ZaraHat: F21

Just in case you would like to get this dress, I'll put the link below :)

Mega Ng
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Saturday, 30 May 2015

May's Favourite products

Hello everyone, 
today I am gonna share with you all my current favourite products. This is my first ever entry sharing about my monthly favourite items and hopefully I can keep it up. Lol 

Glam glow thristy mud cleanser. 

I received an email from Sephora about this cleanser and i went to do some research about it. This product claims to clean away the dirt, make up on your face and yet keep it hydrated. Since my skin is quite dry, i decided to give it a try. 

I really like how my skin feels much more fresher, really clean and hydrated after using this cleanser. It also leaves the dewy effect on my skin. I alternate my cleanser with another mud foam cleanser that I got from my sister (instagram : Widyabeautysecret) which is really good too, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can give it a try. it's called Kiss mud foam. 

Image source : google

When I bought the glam glow thirsty mud cleanser, the sephora staff member gave me the sample for the thirsty mud mask as well. I have been using the glam glow youthmud mask (onto the second tube now) once a week to exfoliate my skin. but since it's quite expensive, I was initially quite reluctant to buy or try their another mask product. but when i try the sample, I am hooked. I guess i am going to buy it when I finish up my sample size mask. My skin looks really well-hydrated and dewy. 

I alternate my mask every night with Kiss collagen mask that My sister gave me (ig : widyabeautysecret) since both mask can only be applied twice or thrice a week. 
If thirsty mud facial mask is more to hydrating your skin, kiss mask works wonder to brighten up your complexion, fade your blemishes scar and left your skin much much softer the next day. I always apply Kiss mask the night before a photoshoot / event and this mask is by far one of the best seller item that my sister is selling. (not intending to promote her shop but this product is really THAT good and in fact, we all have been using this kiss mask for 1 year before my sister decided to sell it)

Now, let's move on to another product. 
I have a quite dark under eyes and i have tried countless concealers to hide my dark eye circles and make my eyes look less tired. some of them either too creamy which end up made my under eyes look very cakey or not enough coverage. but I've found my favourite concealer for now from YSL. It's called YSL anti-cernes concealer. The consistency is just right for my skin type and it brighten my under eyes instantly and blend well with my skin. Eventhough it's quite pricey (SGD50) but it's worth the price. But i would suggest you to give it a try first at the counter since this is quite pricey and you wouldn't want to waste money on a product that doesn't suit you. 

As i don't have any major problem with my skin, i don't include any foundations in my daily make up routine. most of the time, when i need to, i will only apply the Sulwhasoo cushion or Laneige bb cushion. both of them work wonder on my skin but I personally think Sulwhasoo has more coverage compared to Laneige but nonetheless both are my favourite and i can't choose either one, lol. 

There are days where i feel like applying the Laneige and there are days where i feel like applying Sulwhasoo. 

And the last product that i want to share with you all today is a new drugstore blusher that i just bought last week and it has easily became one of my favourite (besides chanel and burberry's) 

You can get this pretty blusher from watson's. it's from CANMAKE. if i am not wrong, this brand is from Japan. it comes with cute little brush and it stays all day. 

There are a few more products that I really like and would like to share with you all. but i guess I will post it up next month instead so keep a look out for it alright! :) 

Last but not least, 

I hope you all have a great long weekend. 

Till the next post :) 

Mega Ng 
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Friday, 3 April 2015

Hair rebond and treatment at Blackhair Salon

After hesitating for a few weeks (whether i should do it now or wait till the root of my hair grow longer) , I've decided to touch up the root of my hair yesterday. 
It's been nearly 7 months since the last rebond i did at Blackhair salon. 
You can read my post about it here

As always, my hair stylist, Raymond is very helpful and know what's best for my hair. 
I can't rave enough about how nice and friendly each of them are. I always feel welcomed and well taken care of whenever I visit Blackhair Salon. <3 <3 <3 

So, this was my hair before I did the rebond. Very messy and it took me more than 20 mins to style my hair every morning which is very tiring and time consuming especially when my schedule on that day is very packed and I need to leave home early. 

As soon as I reached the Salon, Raymond helped me analyse my hair and according to him, the root of my hair is long enough for me to do another rebond session. I always straighten the root part only whenever I do rebond. 

This was how my hair looked like before the rebonding session. Can you spot the wavy roots? and it was very dry too. 

After they washed my hair, Raymond and his assistant started to apply the 1st application on my hair. 

Tadaaa, first application is done. I had to wait for about 20 minutes (or until the cream was absorbed well)  before we can rinse it off. 

So I waited patiently while browsing from my phone. You can bring a book or ipad to keep you entertained too if you want to. They have free wifi! Awesomenesssss! 

After 20 mins or so, they rinsed and blow-dried my hair. After that they straighten my hair using the hair straightener before moving on to 2nd application. Actually, even after the 1st application, I can notice the difference, it became smoother. 

Whee, en route to a super sleek hair. excited much!

Ok, let's move on to 2nd application. 

For 2nd application, I had to wait for another 20 mins or so as well or after the cream is well absorbed. after 2nd application, you can notice your hair became so shiny, straight and yet natural, and very easy to take care of. it also smells sooooo good. haha i like it! this is gonna save a lot of my time. 

Oh, you could also probably notice that the end of my hair is very dry due to styling tools that I use everyday, so Raymond suggest me to do the NP3 treatment to treat my dry end. wanted to do the scalp treatment as well but I was feeling a bit tired that day so I decided to do NP3 treatment only. 

NP3 treatment is highly recommended for those who always use styling tools like me. it helps to nourish your hair. It is super worth your money and time because it could last for 28days. My hair feels soooo smooth, easy to maintain and I swear you can never get this kind of result at home. you gotta give it a try! 

Wanna know how's the end result? scroll down! teehee! 


Tadaaaaaa, amazing, isn't it? especially when you compare it to my before rebond and treatment hair. I am a happy girl!! :))

For those who have a naturally straight hair, but want to colour your hair, I have a good news for you! 
For the month of April, (until 15th April), Blackhair Salon is having promotion package.
Cut+ colour and treat your hair for an all inclusive price of $209-$309. Superrrr worth the price in my honest opinion. you won't be able to get this price on normal days (for cut + colour + treat) so wait no more! call them up to arrange an appointment with them! you can appoint my stylist Raymond! :) 

Blackhair Salon 
180 Bencoolen st 
6835 9976 / 6242 3945 
(nearest MRT is bugis MRT) 

Blackhair Salon is very easy to find, it's inside the Bencoolen, near the 7-11. 

Call them up before the promotion ends! :) 


Mega Ng
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